The “Reason” and “Moral” Dimensions of the Human

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My precious brother,

I had talked about five dimensions of the human existence in my previous article.

“Substance”, “Physiological” and “Psychological” dimensions are present also at the animals. But “reason” and “moral” dimensions belong to the human only. I want to emphasize the last two dimensions for the reason that these are the base of the human behaviors.

A human in the reason dimension

The human gets a “character” and “personality” with being taken over the management of the body by mind, in the fourth “reason” dimension. Because, the reason is a mechanism for “thinking”, “analyzing and synthesizing”, and “deciding”. For this reason, this dimension is a dimension that the human behaves according to his self free demands and desires, with his self free volition and with his self free decisions. But, by reason of the fact that the divine education doesn’t occur yet, the desires and ambitions of the ego dominate the behaviors of person, in this dimension. That means, person takes the base entirely his own demands and desires, his own volition, when he decides on any subject.

The “good” and “bad” in this dimension

As a result, in this dimension, those being suitable for the desires of the person are “good”, but those being adverse to the desires of the person are “bad”. For this reason, the person can not be rid of having a double standard. Because, while a thing and a situation is “good” for being suitable for his personal interests; at an other time, the same thing and situation is “bad” for being adverse to his personal interests.

An other characteristic of this dimension is to be fond of money, status and having. In this dimension, for the reason that the person bases on the demands and desires of his ego as main manager of his behaviors, everything satisfying this desires gets a big value in his eye. A big fondness arises in his heart for everything satisfying this demands and desires of his ego. This extreme love and fondness for the things such as money, status and having divinizes these things in their owner’s eye. And makes him become merciless and hard-hearted against the other humans.

The boredom of the human in the fourth dimension never finish

The boredom and confusions of the human in this dimension never finish. Because, the human obeying to his ego, in the fourth dimension, consumes all the time of his life by trying to satisfy the interminable demands and desires of his ego. However, the needs of human are endless. The demands and desires emerging in the heart for these needs are also endless. Does it finish the troubles of the human who tries to satisfy his own every whim? For this reason, the main characteristics of this fourth dimension is the boredom, heart unrest, and precipitancy.

One of the most important characteristics of this dimension is haughtiness. Haughtiness means to see himself superior to other humans. This is an inherent result of being egocentric. Because, the ego changes the realities according to self’s demands and desires. And it sees excellent itself over everybody and everything.

The human in the fourth dimension doesn’t know also a true “love”

The human in this dimension, also, doesn’t know a “love” in real meaning. Because, the “love” of him is only for his ego and it’s demands and desires. For this reason, he loves everything and everybody satisfying his desires and giving the pleasure himself. But, he becomes instantly distant from everything and everybody giving a little trouble himself. He loves everybody fulfilling any desire of him, he hates everybody who doesn’t fulfill his desire.

Therefore, the majority of humans are very “good” as long as you perform his demands. “The good and the bad of humans is understood when you have not fulfill his desires.”

Briefly, the man in the fourth dimension is a human who is owner “personality”, but egoist, hard-hearted, atrocious, troubled, unrestful and unloving. Although he tries to seem like a good human for the reason the behavior patterns coming from value judgments placed in society, there is always an egoism under these views. There is an artificiality and a spuriousness in these behaviors, always.

Everything changes with “the faith” in the moral dimension

Everything starts to change, when a person has accepted to be subject to the will of his God, believing Him. This instant is an instant that the human has took first step to the maturity. The fifth dimension starts here.

My dear brother,

The fifth “spiritual” or “moral” dimension of the human is a divine education process that its rules are put by God. The name of this education process is the religion. The religion is a mercy and beneficence of God. Unfortunately, only the believers to God and after death take advantage of this mercy and beneficence. This mercy is only for those giving themselves up to God with a contented heart. Most of humans are so engaged in the demands and desires of their ego that they are not fully aware of this mercy and beneficence of their Creator.

The most important reason of the deprivation from the mercy and beneficence of God is, doubtlessly, the arrogance of human. The haughtiness is the most important barricade in front of all the divine benefits. But, the worst of the haughtiness is that being against his God by human. It is such a foolish behavior to be conceited against his God by human, whereas he was created by Him, his all needs are provided by Him, and he is a weak creature who will be dead if he remains breathless a few minutes.

The results of being subject to the volition of God

If the human begins to be subject to the volition of his God by relinquishing his self free volition and his haughtiness, in self heart contentedness and believing Him, he goes into a spiritual ascension and maturation process.

The method of this spiritual ascension and maturation process is to remember always his god, Allah, and to do “riyazet” and “mucahede”. “Riyazet” means not to do the things which ego desires (such as forbidden things), “mucahede” means to do the things which ego doesn’t desire (such as worships and favors).

As long as this maturation process is completed by doing “riyazet” and “mucahede”, the politeness and maturity of the human increases. He begins to be a “human” in a real sense of the word. The endless desires of the ego being present in his heart decreases little by little. The person is rid of his ego and egoism. The fondness for the money, status and havings in his heart finishs. The love of Allah who is the real deity and is owner the mercy and high favour, takes place in his heart, in the place of these fake deities.

If how much a person be sincere in his faith and be desirous in performing the worships for his God, this maturation process is completed so much quickly.

A new personality

When the love of Allah has settled to the heart by disappearing the other loves and passions, everything changes. The person has got an altruistic divine personality now, in place of the previous egoistic personality. I just compare this situation to this that one greedy caterpillar which devours everything becomes one elegant butterfly which carries fragrances from flower to flower. After being completed this maturation process, takes modesty the place of haughtiness, gentleness the place of coarseness, compassion the place of heartlessness, bashfulness the place of shamelessness, beneficence the place of grimness, love the place of hate. This “love” in fifth dimension differs from the “love” in fourth dimension. It is a true “love”. It is not like the loves which be showed for wold benefits and then disappears when this benefit finished.

My dear brother,

The most important results being obtained in consequence of this process are those: A strong faith and a heart serenity depending on it. Being in submission. Marifetullah. “Marifetullah” means to know his God by the human. The most valuable knowledge for a human is to know his God, namely “marifetullah”. The human has been created for this purpose. The religion is not a somniferous as the socialist mentality supposes. The religion means to be “a true human” by passing through the education of God. If a man doesn’t pass through this education, in spite of to be an intelligent creature, he becomes a cruel, fiendish, merciless, shameless, contradictory, tightwad, egoist, unrighteous creature, who always uses his mental activity for viciousness. He sometimes is insomuch cruel that, even any animal doesn’t make which he does.

The evilness can not be controlled in the atheist societies

The evilness can not be controlled in the societies being deprived of the religion. The society becomes full to overflowing with the humans who try to crush each other. Therefore, the religion is not a somniferous, but it is a perfection and maturity elixir for the human. There are always serenity and happiness at the societies which sincerely lives the religion. The perturbations and discomforts stalks at the societies which don’t live the religion sincerely or they have suspended from the religion.

The human knows his self and his God owing to the religion. He becomes a saintly creature owning the heart serenity, morality and good behaviors, by means of the religion.

The khalif of Allah on the earth

By looking at his behavior, you can easily distinguish such a human who has raised to the fifth dimension by passing through a divine education. Because he always adjudges according to the laws of Allah on every subject, by considering the consent of God every time. He never deviates from justice even it is disadvantageous for himself. He says the good and usefulness when he speaks. He says the true when he says. He never betray when be trusted him for something. He doesn’t squander anything. He is true to his word when he gives a promise. He never persecutes anybody. He doesn’t despise nobody. He doesn’t deem proper anything which he doesn’t desire it for himself. A human always feels himself at ease and secure when he came near him. Because he knows that no evil emanates from him.