Human Origin and Dignity

One of the greatest ignorance and misconceptions of all times is that of human origin. This misconception has graduated into the present human degradation, degeneration and depravation evident in our world today. I am not interested in the different arguments with respect to human origin; but I am concerned with bringing sanity into our insanity and order in our present confusion.

The quality in every civilization is relative to the quality in human life and operation. Every society or nation rises or falls on the human civilization of that society or nation. Thus, in our quest for making a better world, we must focus on making better humans. This has to begin with the investigation into the source of human origin. This research uncovers the truth of where we came from, who we are and where we are going.

The world is divided between two main schools of thought on human origin. There are those who believe that humans evolved from apes (Darwinists); and those who believe that humans are direct creations of God (creationists). Considering both schools of thought, one could see that, there is a place where the dual schools of thought converge into one universal consciousness; that of the reality of a supreme source from where existence as a whole owes its origin.

If Darwin spoke of man evolving from apes, it implies that, at the foundation of the existence of apes, there must have existed a supreme influence which orchestrated the existence of apes. This is so because; there are no authentic findings on where apes themselves evolved from. Thus, apes which Darwin believes are the offspring of human existence must have owed their existence to a higher power.

It is confirmed in physics that, nothing happens by chance. An object is at a resting place until a force is applied to it. This force may be in the form of influence or energy etc. This research conclusion in physics confirms the fact that, apes must have existed through a supreme influence since nothing happens by chance.

The position of the creationists, who believe that man is a direct creation of God, still reveals the underlined universal consciousness of the existence of a supreme source from where existence owes its origin. Thus, there is a point where the dual schools of thought meet together into one universal consciousness “the existence of a supreme source from whence existence owes its origin”.

We may have our differences in names attributed to the source of existence. What is more important is not the names attributed to the source of existence but the underlined universal consciousness of a supreme source from where existence owes its origin.

The universal consciousness of a supreme source from where existence owes its origin is expressed universally as humans in all their labors and toils, strive to relate with the supreme source of existence. This is equally manifested world wide through different forms and religions, even if all the means employed may not be authentic; but the underlined consciousness is genuine.

We can therefore conclude that, human origin is indebted to the existence of a supreme source from whence existence as a whole owes her origin. This answers the question on human origin.

The concept of human existence: It has been established above that, both the Darwinists and creationists share the same universal consciousness “the existence of a supreme source from whence existence owes its origin”. Thus, humans are not objects of fate; neither are they an accident or a universal coincidence. Humans are creatures of intention.

There is a will and a concept which underline human existence, defining the parameters on which humans are to live and function. Operating out of the will, intention and concept which underline human existence is one of the greatest human debacles. Thus, we will be investigating the will, intention and concept which must have underlined human existence.

It is established that, existence as a whole has only one source from where its diversities sprang from. The question is “why are humans unique in all of existence? What makes up this uniqueness?” The answer to both questions embodies the science of what it really means to be human. Why are humans unique?

If all of existence owe its origin to one supreme source, with humans more peculiar and unique, it implies that, the will, intention and concept which must have underlined human existence is that; humans are to be a special specie in all of existence, sharing special qualities and attributes different and superior to those of other species of existence; making humans the managers of lower species of existence.

Think about it for a moment. If it was not so, humans will not be made to possess the unique traits and qualities they possess.

The position occupied by humans in all of existence is intended to create in humans a higher perspective with relative consequence on the way humans live and function. This is what true civilization is all about; “humans living and functioning in accordance to the will, intention and concept of human existence”. If this is absent then, humans have fallen below their profile and standard in relation to existence as a whole, with relative consequences on lower species of existence.

Whenever humans live and function below the expectation, intention and concept of their existence, it is an indication of a decline in human civilization; and this will have a resultant consequence of degradation, degeneration and deprivation in human life and functionality, leaving existence as a whole in disarray. This is where humanity and nature find themselves right now.

All over the world, there are fallen standards. Humanity due to the ignorance of what it really means to be human is living and functioning in total dishonor to the human personality and standard. This has placed other forms of existence in disarray; leaving the entire existence without proper managerial impact.

Environmental degradation, global warming, pollution, extremism, terrorism, etc. are all pointers to the fact that, humans are poor managers of themselves and existence as a whole.

The world is in a global mismanagement crisis. Humans who were to serve as managers of other forms of life and existence are completely irresponsible. If this has to continue, I am afraid we will wake up one morning just to find the whole earth in chaos. It is expedient that humanity regains the consciousness of who there are and where they are coming from, to determine where they are going.

Human dignity: Humans are special specie in all of existence, sharing special qualities and attributes different and superior to that of other species; making humans the managers of lower species of existence. The above distinction of humans from other forms of existence should naturally instill in all humans a sense of dignity. Dignity is an important trait in human quality. An individual is not complete if such lacks a sense of dignity.

Human dignity should not be a function of material possession or any external factor, but the simple fact of our being humans. Thus, one’s background, race, ethnicity, country, etc. should not be a limiting factor to one’s dignity but simply the sense of being human.

With respect to human dignity, we all are equal irrespective of our colour, race, ethnicity, country. There is nothing as a superior race; all humans must view themselves as equal.

The concept where other races view some humans as inferior is a back drop to human civilization. All humans ought to posses a sense of dignity; it should be a universal identity and consciousness. Human dignity is a human right.

Dignity is the sense of self worth, value and respect. It defines an individual’s self esteem, complex, and confidence, which are all necessary virtues for excellence in life. When humans loose their dignity, it leads naturally to inhuman behavior. Nothing influences humans in their manner of life and functionality like a sense of dignity. To be human is to have dignity. Nothing can substitute human dignity. One should trade his dignity for nothing.

A sense of dignity inspires a positive attitude towards oneself and others. With respect to oneself, dignity influences the behavior of an individual and the way one lives his life.

A dignified individual will live right, do the right things, dress well, eat well, stay in a clean environment, relate properly with others, etc. Indeed the list is endless. One can’t live above his sense of dignity.

The negative manner in which people live and do things is simply because of their low sense of dignity. Any human society where individuals lack a sense of dignity will inevitably be a society with all forms of inhuman attitude and behaviour.

Human development should enhance human dignity. Human dignity is a regulator to human attitude and behaviour. Any system, be it political or religious which suppresses or oppresses, it’s a curse to humanity.

A true political or religious system should inspire human dignity. This is fundamental in what it really means to be human. To be human is to have dignity.

As you read through this book, it is important that you regain your self value, worth, and respect. Say to yourself I am somebody going somewhere positive with my life. Start to see yourself that way. Everything about human life rises or falls on human dignity. Don’t let anything steal your dignity.

What it Really Means to Be Human Mentally

Humans are the only specie in all of existence with a mind capacity and consciousness.This privilege is what has given humans the lead over all of existence. Thus, a human is only living to his/her full capacity if he/she puts his/her mind to work.

The human mind is made up of four faculties; the reasoning, thinking, creative and imaginative faculties. To be human, is to put one’s mind to work by the exercise of the mind faculties. Reasoning, thinking, creative and imaginative faculties.

(i) The Reasoning faculty;

The reasoning faculty is the centre of human judgement. Its function aids in permitting humans to know and do things as they should be done. Thus, to be human is to be reasonable

Reasonability is the exercise of the human reasoning faculty in determining the right course, action and response in all areas of human endeavor. When humans fully exercise their reasonability, they will be able to govern themselves. This is the freedom humanity has never achieved; the freedom to govern themselves.

A human being is not supposed to be told all that is right. With the reasoning function of the human mind, a human being is supposed to know by mental instinct and consciousness what is right or wrong. This is the position humans have fallen from, leading to what we see today in our world.

Humans have become like animals, who need to be beaten, rebuked and heavily controlled just to have them do what they are supposed to reason and do.

The presence of policemen, prison houses, judges, etc. are all exhibit of the fall of human reasonability. People fight and kill others for unjust causes simply because of the fall of human reasonability. It’s time for humans to recover the ability to reason and know right from wrong.

When a human being fails to apply reason in his day to day actions, such will do things foolishly, out of the expected standard of a human being. This is contrary to what it really means to be human.

The human reasoning faculty is naturally imbued with instincts and consciousness of the truth which ought to guide humans in all they do. This principle of the reasoning faculty of the human mind was to serve as the inward regulator of human external actions and responses. Thus, humans were to live inside out and not outside in. Today the reverse is true as humans are influenced and shaped by their external environment.

The only way to reverse this negative operation is through adequate intake of quality knowledge, to reactivate the human reasonability. This is where quality education comes in.

Quality education is capable of activating the mind’s functions: Reasoning, thinking, creative and imaginative functions to their full efficacy.

(ii) The thinking faculty: It is human to be thoughtful. If one fails to think such will stink and sink. Thinking has to do with the mind’s ability to assess; research, reflect and contemplate.

With the thinking function of the mind, a human being is capable of taking full responsibility for his/her destiny.

(a) Assess; this is the thinking ability of the mind to consider and calculate. It permits an individual to do things only after serious considerations, enabling such to minimise mistakes and errors.

With respect to thinking, the present state of humanity is a sign that few people are thinking. This explains the reason why most human results are characterised by mistakes and errors.

The thinking faculty has in it the ability to consider and calculate, bringing to bare accurate and appropriate results with respect to needed human actions and responses.

Its time humanity got back to quality thinking. Most of what humanity has enjoyed positively in divers areas, are products of the thinking of few. With quality thinking, humanity can birth quality results.

(b) Research; this is the thinking ability of the mind to rethink on an issue in the quest and renewed search for new insight. This principle of the thinking faculty is intended to empower humans with the ability to come out with new results in all areas, while annulling progressively preconceived or predetermined conclusions.

It is unfortunate that, though all humans are endowed with the thinking ability to be inventors and innovators, many have buried this ability in the emptiness of pleasure. There is no pleasure seeking society which can reach the maximum of her potential.

(c) Reflect; this is the ability of the mind to recapitulate past events or issues. The reflective nature of the thinking faculty is intended to empower humans with the memory of the past, for the correction of the present and the redirection of the future.

Humans were not to be forgetful. Forgetfulness may lead to the loss of important memories, leading to the destruction of special information with respect to the past.

(d) Contemplate; this is the thinking ability of the mind to judge between two alternatives leading to quality decision making. Humans were not to be victims but victors. This was to be possible through the ability of the mind to think and to come out with the right decision or choice in whatever situation.

With all the above attributes of right thinking, it is expedient for humans to regain the ability to think positively so as to assume full responsibility for their destiny. It is human to be thoughtful.

(iii) Creative faculty: It is human to be creative. Creativity is the activity of the creative faculty of the mind to conceive and design new things. The creative faculty is the innovative and inventive function of the human mind. It is intended to empower humans with the dynamism needed for life.

This dynamism is capable of empowering humans to manage through creativity all what threatens existence. Humans are where they are today in many respect for lack of creativity. With creativity, humans can subdue the earth, bringing into existence new things and new ways of doing things.

A creative human can never be stranded. 80% of human frustration is linked to the dormancy of the creative faculty of the human mind. With creativity an individual can chart a new course, invent, innovate and establish a whole new system relevant and relative to the need of the time. It is impossible for humans to effectively function out of creativity. It is human to be creative.

(iv) The imaginative faculty: this is the photographic, telescopic function of the human mind. It has the ability to capture the future. Its projections are some times considered impossible; yet experience has shown that imaginations most times fore tell the future.

Most modern inventions, scientific and technological breakthroughs were previously human imaginations of ancient times. In those times, especially in the Elizabethan age, those with such imaginations where considered to be witches. Today, their weird dreams are here with us; this is the power of imagination.